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6/22/2018 Before and After pictures

Below are some great before and after pictures of no-tilling pumpkins into Rye Cover Crop Residue that was crimped with a roller crimper.  Call Benton SWCD if you have any questions we can help you with regarding cover crops or any other conservation needs.

Stoney Brook Farm Field 20 June 1st 2018 1.jpg
Stoney Brook Farm Field 20 June 7th 2018 2.jpg
Stoney Brook Farm Field 20 June 22th 2018 3.jpg

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big thank you for all who ordered trees for the 2018 season!!!  

We sold a total of 27,451 trees! 



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thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone that came out to the March 14th Cover Crop Workshop. 

Special thank you to our presenters (Randy Pepin, U of M Extension Educator in Livestock and Jared Goplen, U of M Extension Educator in Crops) and a great panel of farmers that came out to give their experience with cover crops.  (Mel Hauck, Glen Kaschmitter, and Lee Zabinski)  Below are some pictures of cover crops that have been planted.



Click on the picture above to read more about the Popp family.  Thank you Sauk Rapids Herald for the great article.

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