Farm Friends Barn

Farm Friends Barn (FFB) is an agricultural education exhibit for kids. Children become farm hands at this hands-on exhibit as they experience the agricultural process beginning at the farm and ending at the market.

Farm Friends Barn logo.png

The goal of the program is to bring young people back into touch with where their food comes from, and what it takes to be successful in the agriculture business. The FFB will be an agricultural exhibit for kids that will take them through the process of growing food, and will include a livestock barn, grain bin, an orchard, a tractor dealership and a farmer’s market. Each station will have hands-on tasks for the kids to learn as they trace the route of food products from the farm to the grocery store. Farm Friends and their families put on their work aprons and fire up their imaginations to help with farm chores, collect goods to sell at the market, and then spend their “earnings” on real products at the grocery store which were grown on the farm. 

The Farm Friends Barn is the joint effort of Sherburne County, Sherburne County SWCD, Stearns County SWCD, City of Becker, Sherburne County History Center and Structural Buildings, Inc.

Future plans for the FFB program include the construction of a barn near the site of the Sherburne History Center in Becker. The building will be available for year round educational opportunities. Construction will begin upon meeting our goal of raising $200,000.

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