Ag BMP Low Interest Loans (LIL)

The Ag BMP Low Interest Loan Program provides low interest financing to farmers, rural landowners, and agriculture supply businesses to implement practices that prevent or reduce water pollution. This program provides loans for projects that reduce existing water quality problems caused by agricultural activities or failing septic systems. The program provides loans up to $200,000 with a maximum interest rate of 3% interest plus usual and customary fees charged by lenders

Eligible practices for Loan Interest Loans include:

  • Animal Waste Storage Facilities

  • Conservation Tillage Equipment

  • Manure Application Equipment

  • Septic Systems - New, septic fix/upgrades, or replacement of a failing system

  • Wells - Repairs, replacement wells, or water treatment equipment to provide safe drinking water or solve potential pollution problems that effect wells

  • Erosion Control Practice

  • Vegetative Buffers (along lakes, rivers, ditches, and wetlands)

  • Any other practice that improves water quality